Friday, April 15, 2011

California Stem Cell Report Cited as One of 25 Best Stem Cell Blogs

The California Stem Cell Report has been named one of the 25 best stem cell blogs by a web site targeting readers interested in nursing education.

In preparing the list, said,
"Whether you’re pursuing a career in medicine or science, if you’d like to keep up with these advances, then blogs on the issue are one of the best tools out there. Here, you’ll find a collection of blogs that provide all the information you’ll need to stay on top of the latest in stem cell discoveries."
The web site said of the California Stem Cell Report,
"See how stem cell politics are affecting research and development in California through this blog written by journalist David Jensen."
Also mentioned were blogs with California ties and one from the California stem cell agency. CIRM Research Results, produced by Amy Adams, was the only government blog cited. said Adams' report "shares" CIRM's "latest discoveries and political battles."

Two blogs by scientists were among the 25 including one by Paul Knoepfler of UC Davis and another Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology of Santa Monica, Ca.

Of Knoepfler's work, the web site said, "The UC Davis School of Medicine maintains this blog, providing readers with information on everything stem cell as well as other science-related issues."

Of Lanza, the web site said, "Dr. Robert Lanza is a scientist and professor working on issues related to cell technology and engineering; his blog will provide readers with some insights into the field and his research."

Another blog cited was Ben's Stem Cell News. said, "Ben Kaplan is a (California) stem cell activist, blogger and a biotech professional who shares his thoughts and the latest information on stem cells here."

Kaplan appeared in campaign ads in 2004 for Prop. 71, which created the California stem cell agency.


  1. Good job and congratulations on being named "One of the Best" in the stem cell arena. Your blog does have a wide variety of information on the hot topic of stem cells and stem cell therapy.

    Of course, it makes me sit up and take notice when a source has been "BANNED" by a governmental agency...that usually means there is GOOD INFORMATION available.

    Keep up the good work, from wherever you are currently!

  2. Ben Kaplan10:31 AM

    Thanks for promoting my blog!