Monday, May 30, 2011

Opportunities for Public Comment on Nominees for CIRM Chair

Directors of the California stem cell agency are planning at least three public meetings prior to making their decision on cardiologist Frank Litvack or bond financier Jonathan Thomas to replace outgoing chairman Robert Klein at the end of June.

The public will have a chance to weigh in with comments at all of the meetings. Two sessions have telephonic locations throughout the state, including San Francisco, Los Angeles(2), Coronado, La Jolla, Irvine (2), West Hollywood, South San Francisco and Berkeley.

Here is the schedule, according to the board's outside counsel, James Harrison.

June 3 (next Friday) – CIRM directors' Evaluation Subcommittee telephonic meeting to which all 29 members of the CIRM governing board have been invited. The session will begin with a brief public presentation by the candidates. Then they will be questioned separately behind closed doors. By law, the public can participate during the public portion from the telephonic locations. You can find the addresses of the locations on the agenda. Some are vague and will require contacting CIRM in advance for more specifics. The locations could change, be dropped or more added.

June 6 – Evaluation Subcommittee meeting possibly involving all board members. Again, public participation is possible with the caveats noted above. No action is expected to be taken at either the June 3 or June 6 meetings, Harrison told the California Stem Cell Report.

June 22-23 – Full CIRM board meeting in San Diego with the candidates making a public presentation. A closed session is expected prior to a public vote, which could well be publicly unanimous by that point. Again, the public will have a chance to comment. The specific address for the meeting is yet to be announced.

The public or other interested parties can also comment by emailing information to the CIRM board and asking that it be distributed to all members. That should be done earlier rather than later in order to have any impact.

The schedule of meetings could change depending on the druthers of the CIRM board. Sphere: Related Content

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