Sunday, November 27, 2011

The CIRM 'Debt' to George Bush and Disgraced Korean Researcher

It was brief but pointed comment on the differences in the stem cell world of 2004 compared to the stem cell world of 2011.

Larry Ebert, a patent attorney, made the remark on his blog, IPBiz. He was writing about an observation on this website that without George Bush and his restrictions on federal hESC research, there would have been no California stem cell agency.

Ebert said,
"IPBiz notes that when the California voters voted Prop. 71 in, scientists thought Huang Woo Suk's work on hESC was real. In 2011, the current state of the art is still not up to what Huang Woo Suk falsely reported in the journal Science. Californiastemcellreport should give Huang Woo Suk some credit for the passage of Prop. 71."

Consider Woo Suk duly credited.

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