Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stem Cell Scientist Impressed by CIRM Oversight Over Huge Grants

A California stem cell researcher, who must remain anonymous, made the following emailed comment today on the progress report on the $230 million in disease team grants from the California stem cell agency and termination of a $19 million grant.
"I'm impressed that CIRM is following through on monitoring the huge disease team grants and has actually curtailed the funding of one that didn't meet a key milestone. I hope that makes the other grant holders nervous! Too many scientists (in my humble opinion) forget that they need to do what they said they'd do- or - if the first plan fails, have the expertise and desire to adapt and find another way to reach the goals."
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1 comment:

  1. Paul Knoepfler4:34 PM

    It wasn't me!

    But I was impressed (and called the meeting "impressive" in my blog post title) by the CIRM board mtg today, which I attended in person for the first time, and I blogged about it here a few hours ago: