Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Light Coverage of Cellular Dynamics IPO But One Exec Says It's Good for Stem Cell Biz

A handful of media outlets today carried stories about the public stock offering announced yesterday by Cellular Dynamics International, Inc., a Wisconsin firm that will benefit to the tune of $16 million-plus from the California stem cell agency.

Kathleen Gallagher of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described the company, founded by stem cell pioneer Jamie Thomson, as in the business of making “fully functioning human cells in industrial quantities.”

Judy Newman of the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison, where the company is based, quoted Beth Donley, chief executive of Stemina Biomarker Discovery, as saying,
“It can’t help but increase the value of other stem cell companies.”
Thomson is a professor both at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and at UC Santa Barbara, and we queried Dennis Clegg, co-director of the Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, about the school's ties to Cellular Dynamics, which hopes to take in $57 million in its public offering.

He replied in an email that Santa Barbara has a collaboration with Cellular Dynamics and the University of Wisconsin to develop a vision-restoring, stem-cell-based therapy for people with advanced retinal diseases. That $900,000 effort is financed by the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

The California stem cell agency grant to Cellular Dynamics is for work at the stem cell bank being created at the Buck Institute in Novato, north of San Francisco.

The Milwaukee Business Journal and Genomeweb also carried stories on the IPO.
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  1. Jeanne Loring6:05 PM

    Wow- what a blast from the past! Beth Donley was WARF's attorney way back when we started our challenge of WARF's patents.