Wednesday, November 20, 2013

California's Stem Cell CEO Search: The 'Not-So-Knoepfler' Dozen

A few comments trickled in today concerning yesterday's item on the 12 possibilities who could be considered as candidates to become the new president of the $3 billion California stem cell agency.

The dozen individuals were listed by UC Davis researcher Paul Knoepfler in an item on his blog. The California Stem Cell Report piggybacked on that piece, adding some additional information in an item that included the expression “the Knoepfler dozen.”

This morning Knoepfler wanted to clarify that he was not necessarily personally recommending any of them.

He said,
“To be clear, these are not the 'Knoepfler Dozen.'. These are not my picks for candidates. In fact I took myself out of the equation in terms of intentionally not including my own opinions so these 12 represent specifically the ideas of others for CIRM presidential candidates, not my own. I think some of these are great candidates, but I have some others too in mind. Maybe I should do another post on that.”
We also received an email from a Minnesota researcher who said, “Do you really think this is the list?  Hmmm.”

No, I do not believe this is CIRM's list. But some persons mentioned might have been discussed by some CIRM directors informally as possible candidates. As I noted, at least one person on the list has been considered in the past.

Finally, one of the persons on the list, who must remain nameless, emailed this question in connection with a comment in last night's item that great researchers are often terrible managers: “I'm a terrific manager. Does that make me a bad scientist??”  

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