Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hillary Backs California Stem Cell Agency

Hilary Clinton at BIO2014
San Diego U-T,  John Gastaldo photo
Hillary Clinton today endorsed California’s nearly 10-year-old, $3 billion effort to create stem cell therapies for everything from cancer to urinary incontinence.

Speaking to the world’s largest annual biotech gathering, BIO2014, she said,
"California (undertook) a very important task in creating a funding stream for stem cell research. Other states have followed suit, when it looked as though the federal government would not be doing that. States have a role to play, but we need a national framework."
Her remarks were reported by Bradley Fikes in the San Diego U-T, who was covering the convention, which has attracted 15,000 attendees.

Fikes’ piece covered her general comments on biotech and such things as genetically modified organisms. He also wrote,
“State support, along with a ‘national framework’ including provisions to help patients who can't afford biotech therapies, are part of a rational policy, said Clinton.” 
Fikes reported that California Gov. Jerry Brown made an appearance at the gathering. Fikes said Brown “gave a brief endorsement of California biotech.”

Fikes did not report on whether Brown endorsed more funding for the Golden State’s stem cell agency. It will run out of cash for new awards in 2017 and is looking for more financial support.

The agency is likely to find to some politic way to incorporate Clinton’s statement into their fundraising efforts. 

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  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Ms. Clinton also gave a wonderful speech about the need for stem cell research in 2007, I believe in support of the stem cell research enhancement act. It was a great speech I literally dropped my notebook and was not aware of it till after she was through. Don C. Reed