Friday, January 23, 2015

Webinar Now Available on Fast-Track Plan to Hand Out $1 Billion in California Stem Cell Cash

The ins-and-outs of CIRM 2.0 – at least some of them – are explained by the CEO of the California stem cell agency, Randy Mills, in a Webinar now available on the agency’s Web site.

The Webinar includes presentation slides and a Q&A. About 200 persons logged in for the session earlier this week on the new, fast-track effort to unload the agency’s next $1 billion. Kevin McCormack, senior director for communications, said after the Webinar,
"Of the 234 people who registered and, at some point tuned in today (Jan. 21), 108 were industry. Over the course of the 50 minute webinar some tuned in and dropped out so there was a rolling audience with 200 being the most tuned in at any one time."
If you are one of those who would like some cash from CIRM, this is must viewing. The 51-minute session can also be downloaded for later consumption.

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