Sunday, February 01, 2015

Ethics and Stem Cell Research Symposium Feb. 12: Gordie Howe to Right to Try

The public and other interested parties are invited to a UC Davis bioethics symposium Feb. 12 that is likely to deal with some high profile issues involving stem cell research.

Davis researcher Paul Knoepfler is helping to organize the event which he said will include stem cell tourism (think former hockey great Gordie Howe), Right to Try laws and much more. The panelists include Timothy Caulfield of the University of Alberta and Leigh Turner of the University of Minnesota.

A blogger by the name of HappyAnise wrote on the StemcellPromise blog,
“What it makes this so exciting is that they’re apparently going to be talking about some REAL, GENUINE ethical issues. To wit… what on earth are we going to do about all of those stem cell clinics popping up in various and assorted countries? You know, the ones with the weird, dubious, expensive treatments that the FDA would never approve in a gazillion years? And while we’re on the subject, when is the FDA going to do anything about regulating, say, $10,000 stem cell creams? And what about those “Right to Try” laws? They passed in four states in November, but what is the federal government going to do, if anything? What should they do?”
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