Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Update on the Search for New Execs at the California Stem Cell Agency

California’s $3 billion stem agency no longer lists on the Internet job openings for a director of medical affairs and director of administration but reports that the positions remain vacant.

The new, top level posts were created in a reorganization of the enterprise, which has less than 60 employees, by its president Randy Mills, who took over last May. He made the move as part of his CIRM 2.0 effort.

In the initial postings last month, the agency said the positions would remain open until they were filled. Three other openings for directors in the areas of blood and cancer, neuro/ocular and organ systems continue to remain up on the CIRM Web site.

No explanation was offered for removal of the medical affairs and administration openings. Kevin McCormack, a spokesman for the agency, said the positions have not been filled.

Here are job posting documents as they originally appeared.

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