Sunday, November 15, 2015

Scripps' Loring Picked as Stem Cell Person of the Year

Jeanne Loring (center with sunglasses) and her lab team at Scripps in La Jolla
Jeanne Loring, head of the stem cell program at the Scripps Research Institute, last week was named Stem Cell Person of the Year.

The award was made by UC Davis researcher Paul Knoepfler, who funds the $2,000 prize personally. Loring, however, has declined the cash, and Knoepfler is looking for a cause to donate the money to.

Writing on his blog, The Niche, Knoepfler said that overall Loring “has had a transformative,
positive impact at least in part via taking risks and thinking outside the box.”

Knoepfler said,
“Jeanne came out as the winner for her exceptional contributions in 2015 and throughout her many years in the field. She not only has made numerous advances scientifically, but also gone the extra mile in many respects as an advocate and educator.
“Her scientific contributions include outstanding research on human stem cells and in particular in stem cell epigenetics. See her publications on GoogleScholar.  She has been a great mentor to her trainees. You can visit her lab page here.
“She has also been a creative leader in producing IPS cells from endangered species, an area with huge potential ecologically and at a societal level in terms of preventing extinctions.
“Jeanne has mobilized patient advocates and catalyzed exciting work in the clinical pipeline in a number of areas including most prominently in the last few years for Parkinson’s Disease.”
As for the destination of the $2,000 award, Knoepfler wrote,
“I’m currently considering whether to donate the funds to a charity or put them towards a novel educational outreach project in the stem cell field.”
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