Sunday, March 13, 2016

Listen in on the $3 Billion California Stem Cell Agency; $44 Million Meeting Available on the Internet

People around the world will have a chance to follow every minute this week of the meeting of the governing board of the $3 billion stem cell agency, which is expected to give away $44 million to chase therapies for everything from cancer to Canavan disease.

The session in Millbrae near San Francisco International Airport will be available on the Internet and by phone, including display of the charts and presentations being used during the day-long session. The phone link is audio only and is available toll-free. Full directions for listening are available on the agenda. 

For those who want to comment live on Wednesday, they will have to be on the scene or at one of three remote locations, all of which are located in La Jolla. Specific addresses again are available on the agenda. 

In addition to the research awards, the board is scheduled to be briefed on the agency's ambitious clinical trial effort, which could be interesting. However, the agency has not posted any background material on the briefing as of this writing. Here is a link to what the agency has on its Web site concerning the clinical effort.

Also on the agenda is a closed-door evaluation of the agency's president, Randy Mills, who was hired in April 2014.

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