Monday, November 04, 2019

Looking for Work? Opening for Business Services/Accounting Specialist at California Stem Cell Agency

You might call this a ""show-must-go-on" stem cell item.

It has to do with hiring at the $3 billion California stem cell agency, which is running out of money. It is down to its last $27 million, a mere piffle compared to its earlier $300-million-a-year rate.

Nonetheless, the agency is looking for a business services/accounting specialist at a salary that could run as high as $110,000 a year.  The reason is that the agency needs to keep its doors open since many millions of dollars are still financing the work of California researchers and will for several more years.

However, the agency is hoping that one year from now California voters will provide another $5.5 billion a year, allowing it to continue financing new stem cell research work in the Golden State.

The agency is based in Oakland very close to BART service. Here is a link to more job information. Sphere: Related Content

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