Friday, February 18, 2005

Bee and Chron alone?

The Sacramento Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle may be the only major California newspapers to have written their own stories on the latest move to compel the California stem cell agency to deal more directly with accountability and conflict-of-interest allegations.

Carl Hall
wrote in the Chronicle: “A decorated veteran of the country's public health battles -- dating back to the founding of the Medicare system -- is taking aim at the California stem cell program.

“Dr. Philip R. Lee, a consulting professor at Stanford University and former UCSF chancellor who helped craft national health policies for the Johnson and Clinton administrations, signed onto a legal petition to protest some of the early activities of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.”

Laura Mecoy of The Bee
said, “Using a new tactic, critics of the state's stem cell program have filed a petition seeking more open meetings, salary caps and tighter conflict-of-interest rules for paid executives.”

We will have more on this move during the next few days.
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