Thursday, February 03, 2005

CIRM Sayings: Cowboys and Hell to Pay

What are people saying about the California stem cell agency? Here are a few quotes that seem of current interest. If you have any offerings for this intermittent feature on this blog, please send them to

"If the money is spent and there aren't effective treatments that result, I think there will be hell to pay."Joan Samuelson, CIRM oversight committee member, as quoted on MSNBC Jan. 21, 2005

"They (other states) are putting proposals together to retain people. It may cost more because all of a sudden these scientists are being competed for." Arnold Kriegstein, director of UCSF stem-cell research program, as quoted in the San Francisco Business Times Jan. 28, 2005, article by Daniel S. Levine

"We're going to have to do the science. We can't have cowboys out there doing things, especially when it comes to patients." Dr. David Kessler, oversight committee member, dean of the UCSF medical school and former head of the FDA, as quoted Jan. 21, 2005, MSBNC.

“I pledge to serve the interests of California citizens, its patients and its taxpayers. In doing so, I am committed to transparency in process, public oversight and accountability, and the highest ethical and medical standards possible.” Robert Klein, chairman of the oversight committee, in a statement issued Dec. 13, 2004.

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