Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Chairman on Criticism

Robert Klein, chairman of the California stem cell agency, gave an interview to Marisa Lagos of the San Francisco Examiner. It was printed in a question-and-answer format. He was asked about the criticism that his agency is facing. Here is his reponse:

“Ninety percent of the criticisms are from people who opposed Prop. 71. Now, there is 10 percent of the criticisms that are very healthy viewpoints. And even with those people who oppose Prop. 71, when we go through nine months of public hearings for permanent standards, we will try and address their concerns to make sure they understand all the different regulations that will protect individuals. ... What the public doesn't understand is there's layer after layer of protection. There's federal law, there's state law, there's hospital regulations ... and institutional review board standards. ... In addition, the National Academy of Sciences on approximately April 1, [plans] to put out model standards for the nation, that we would hope to look at and adopt with some enhancements, to really create a very high-level model for the whole country to follow in stem cell research standards.”
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