Friday, February 18, 2005

A Few “Clicks” for CIRMers

USA Today carried a story on the California stem cell agency that has an interesting quote from Chairman Robert Klein.

Reporter Elizabeth Weise wrote:

"I'm verging on complete mental exhaustion trying to get it right," says Klein, looking as if he hasn't gotten a full night's sleep in weeks. "I'm averaging 10 to 12 phone calls a day that have to get taken care of immediately, and then a few more to make sure the process keeps moving along."

Klein has a mammoth task before him. It is virtually unprecedented in state history: the almost overnight creation of a new multi-billion dollar state agency exploring the frontiers of science, medicine and theology. Daunting for anyone.

Some folks get a little impatient with the process and progress, partly because of the high expectations that Klein himself has created. But we should remember and appreciate the human aspect of this endeavor. A bunch of folks are working madly to meet the needs of the agency and the people of California. They will never be able to make everybody happy. They are also bound to feel unappreciated as well from time to time. And that includes Mr. Klein.

In the sailing world, we have regular “nets,” times when scores of people gather via ham or VHF radio each day to exchange information. Sometimes people are recognized for their efforts by listeners who all click their microphones at the same time. So here are a few clicks for the CIRMers, including Robert Klein.

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