Friday, February 18, 2005

Overcoming Short-term Thinking

By the time you read this, the “crunch time” situation for San Francisco's bid for the headquarters of the California stem cell agency may have eased.

That's likely because an article in the San Francisco Chronicle will probably now have served the purposes of the persons providing the information. That would be to flush out some free space for the proposed HQ.

Columnists Matier and Ross reported on Wednesday that San Francisco couldn't get its act together on the bid. Nobody was willing to donate 15,000 square feet of space for a sufficient number of years. Outrageous, opined some civic leaders, who said they expected more.

If the Matier-Ross article did not generate more than one offering for space, we would be surprised. The article also had some interesting details about the SF bid, including insights into the short-term thinking of San Francisco businessmen. We can assure you that Angelo Tsakapoulos in Sacramento, who is offering up 10 years of free space, is not plagued with that ailment. Sphere: Related Content

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