Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Reaction to Chiron-Wareham Link Piece

The California Stem Cell Report asked both CIRM and Wareham Development for responses to the item posted earlier this week concerning links that Wareham say its has with Chiron, one of whose founders is vice chairman of the oversight committee.

Here is the comment from Tim Gallen, a spokesman for Wareham:

“Wareham has been one of Chiron’s landlords since the company was founded. So, in the past, Chiron leased research space from Wareham and still does -- along with 27 other research companies in Emeryville, Berkeley and Richmond. But, as 'financial links' go, we both know that a common lease is hardly the kind of relationship I believe Mr. Klein was addressing in his remarks to San Diego journalist, Terri Somers.”

The agency has not replied to our inquiry. However, it posted on its web site either late Monday, Feb. 7, or today, Feb. 8, a
press release dated Feb. 3. The item said:

“The lessor(Wareham) does not have any interest in firms or agencies competing for grants to be awarded by the Institute. The Institute staff worked through the State Department of General Services (“DGS”) and the State Controller’s Office to audit available office space and ultimately select the Horton Street location(in Emeryville).”

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