Thursday, March 09, 2006

Los Angeles Readers Told of Stem Cell 'Silliness'

LA Weekly, a 207,000-circulation alternative newspaper, has offered up its status report on the California stem cell agency in a piece headlined "The Stem Cell Debate Gets Silly."

Regular readers of this blog are not likely to find new information in the article by Steven Kotler. However, it does quote us on the subject of the stem cell trial, which obviously makes the piece worth checking out. It also quotes bioethicist Alta Charo as saying the stem cell debate is still "about everything but stem cells."

Kotler also wrote good-reading piece in 2003 on the state of stem cell research, which still retains freshness. A sample:
"Irv Weissman doesn’t look the bear-eating sort. He’s of middle height, middle weight, mildly balding, with fine clothes, a jovial aspect and a long, wispy beard. He looks like a Russian poet or an aged food critic. But, beneath this exterior, he’s just a boy from Montana. Which is to say he comes from a culture of bear eaters."
Kotler's website makes it difficult to provide a direct link to the story, but you can find it under "articles" Jan. 1, 2003.

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