Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Democratic Candidates to Vote on CIRM Funding

So far California's political junkies have been able to just say "no" to matters surrounding the California stem cell agency.

For the most part, CIRM issues have been off the political radar with the exception of an Internet advertising campaign by state Controller Steve Westly.

But next Tuesday that could change a tad. Westly and his rival for the Democratic nomination for governor, state Treasurer Phil Angelides, will share the same platform at a meeting of the CIRM Finance Committee, which is scheduled to considered funding of the agency. Both sit on the committee as the results of the terms of Prop. 71.

One never knows what can happen at a joint appearance of political rivals, so we may see some different sorts of media types and the politically curious attending the session .

There is certain to some political scheming this week by the candidates in connection with the meeting, both to maximize the beneficial electoral impact but also to minimize any possible damage from the rival candidate.

Angelides would seem to be in the most favorable position, given that he is chair of the committee, which is also meeting in his offices.

If you want to see the Democratic duo, you find all the details of the meeting here.

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