Thursday, February 01, 2007

CIRM Presidential Search: Bids for Search Firm Perhaps Next Week

Bids could go out in a few days for a presidential search firm to assist in finding a new executive for the California stem cell agency.

The current president, Zach Hall, has the authority to move forward and sign contracts up to $250,000. The search firm contract, which is not likely to exceed that amount, would not have to go to the Oversight Committee, as we presumed in the item below.

Responding to our query, Dale Carlson, spokesman for the institute, also said no documents, other than the presidential criteria, were distributed at Wednesday's presidential search meeting concerning the bid process, timetable or "interim action." Sphere: Related Content

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  1. David,

    FTCR's letter calling for a hands-on, scientific adminstrator as described in the item below was also distributed to the search committee members.

    John M. Simpson
    Stem Cell Project Director
    Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights