Monday, February 26, 2007

How to Search the California Stem Cell Report

To help make searches easier on this Web site, we recently added "labels" to each item. Labels can also be considered keywords that help identify the general nature of the material in question. Sometimes they are also specific, such as the names of individuals. If you click on one of the labels, it should show you recent items involving the subject in the label. However, it will not show you all of them since the function was not available until about two months ago. We have not yet gone back and added labels to the nearly 1,000 items that we have posted. However, those can be searched through the search window at the top left hand corner of the blog, where it says, "search this blog." That function will only produce words that are used in the blog. For example, searching on "biographies" will not necessarily produce a biography on Zach Hall unless that word is used in an item. Zach Hall would be the best search term in that case. Searching on CSCR should produce other advisories such as this one.

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