Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Minimal Stem Cell Coverage in Sacramento

News coverage of an appearance by California stem cell chairman Robert Klein in Sacramento was light today with perhaps the most interesting piece appearing on a local television station.

Reporter Kevin Riggs broke little new ground for readers of this blog, but he probably brought important information to viewers of television station KCRA, one of the major players in the Sacramento TV market.

TV stations rarely cover the stem cell agency in California. At the same time, most people get their news from the electronic media – not newspapers. So the perspective and images from the rare TV stories are significant in assessing how the public perceives CIRM.

In this case, Riggs' report was generally favorable with strong images of scientists doing work in labs at UC Davis. He had an interview with Klein, who deplored the legal efforts by opponents to stymie the agency. Riggs also had an interview with an opponent of the agency who complained about conflicts of interest. You can find a partial text of the story here, but to really understand what was said and see the visuals, click on the adjacent video.

Jim Downing of The Sacramento Bee also wrote about Klein's appearance in a story that focused on the stem cell debate in Washington, D.C.

As far as we can tell, those were the only two stories out of Klein's appearance Monday. Nothing appeared concerning the CIRM hearing on IP Monday afternoon, based on an Internet search. Sphere: Related Content

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