Wednesday, April 04, 2007 Looks at Industry Opposition to SB771

The headline on read: "Biomedical industry to California legislators: 'Don't you dare tell us what to do with your money!'"

Andrew Leonard, a California author and regular on, continued:
"The horror! To CHI (California Healthcare Institute), SB 771 is unwarranted state intervention in their profit-making potential, an act of robbery that must be resisted with extreme prejudice."
Leonard referred to the excerpts of a CHI letter seen on the California Stem Cell Report in the "Biomedical Industry" item below.

He wrote:
"As a citizen of California who voted for the state's landmark stem cell initiative, and whose tax dollars will go toward paying off the bonds issued to pay for it, I fully support legislative efforts to ensure that some of the revenue generated by the commercialization of research paid for with my money return to the state....

"If the biomedical companies don't like it, they can just go find someone else's money to play with."
Leonard also said,
"Whatever happens, I look forward to following the twists and turns of California's ambitious attempt to bootstrap stem cell research via the reporting at the California Stem Cell Report blog. I have a particular weakness for blogs that obsessively cover every iota of news about a single, highly circumscribed topic -- they seem to regularly expose me to information that is not easily found elsewhere."
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