Friday, July 27, 2007

Stanford's Chris Scott and His New Stem Cell Blog

A snappy new blog on stem cell issues has popped up at Stanford University, complete with a reading list and podcasts.

Called "The Stem Cell Blog," it is published by Chris Scott, director of Stanford's Program on Stem Cells in Society and author of the book, "Stem Cell Now." (You can find a picture of Scott here.)

The first post dates back to June 26 with a graphic account about research with live pigs. More recently, the blog has a post based on work by Susan Stayn, Stanford's state stem cell legal expert. Called “What Color is Your State?” it begins like this:
"Taking a cue from Homeland Security, we’ll periodically publish a color-coded ranking of American states and their legislative positions on embryonic stem cell research."
You can also download the state rankings in a PDF file.

We have added The Stem Cell Blog to our links on the left of this site.

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