Sunday, September 23, 2007

CIRM October Meeting: Disease Teams, Biotech Loan Program and New Stem Cell Lines

Directors of the California stem cell agency always seem to have more than they can do in their meetings, and October's seems to be no exception.

Creation of a new $122 million disease team effort and a biotech loan program (see above) that could give CIRM life in perpetuity are among the matters to be discussed in San Diego at the Oct. 3 meeting of the Oversight Committee. That is not to mention rules for the $222 million lab grant program and consideration of a concept for grants for development of new cell lines.

Also on the agenda is creation of a Finance Subcommittee, which is likely to generate more work for Oversight Committee members, and may be linked to developing ways for funding CIRM after it runs out of its $3 billion in state bonds. The $30 million training proposal from California's state and community colleges is also up for discussion.

No details of any of the new proposals are yet available. Presumably more information will be forthcoming well in advance of the meeting so that the important constituencies affected by the matters will have time to respond. The agenda itself was not yet posted on the CIRM web site at the time of this writing, but presumably will be on line on Monday.

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