Saturday, September 15, 2007

FTCR on Trounson: 'Highest Regard'

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumers Right is a longtime observer of and participant in California stem cell issues. John M. Simpson is the organizations's stem cell project director. We asked him today for his reaction to the appointment of Alan Trounson as the new president of CIRM. Here is Simpson's statement verbatim.
Alan Trounson is one of the scientists we sought to support our challenge of the the human embryonic stem cell patents held by WARF. He in fact filed a statement to the PTO on our behalf. He agrees with our view that the work done by Jamie Thomson was important and laudable, but not patentable because it was "obvious" to those in the field based on prior research.

Trounson is a stem cell scientist with a worldwide reputation for excellence. I hold him in the highest regard.

He has experience in both basic research and translational research -- moving discoveries in the lab to actual cures.

Trounson has expressed his willingness to turn away from his laboratory and take the helm at CIRM fulltime. He also will divest himself of any investments in stem cell companies. Both steps are necessary.

I believe Trounson can make a major contribution to CIRM, California and stem cell research in general as president, so long as he never forgets his responsibility and accountability as a public official to the citizens of California. If needed, FTCR will remind him of those duties.

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