Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stem Cell Snippets: Hanky-Panky to Jobs for Those Love Long Hours

Enviros Against Stem Cell Lab/Classroom Building -- An activist group and the city of Santa Cruz have blocked construction of an $80 million facility at UC Santa Cruz that would house stem cell research activities. A judge halted the project for environmental reasons. The four-story facility would include stem cell labs and service nearly 1,400-science students.

Scientific Integrity – The California stem cell agency has based many of its policies and rules on assumptions of nearly universal scientific integrity. Glenn McGee(see photo), writing in The Scientist and on the blog of the American Journal of Bioethics, indirectly questions those assumptions. He cites studies that show widespread hanky-panky in the authorship of peer-reviewed pieces, particularly in cases where senior researchers claim authorship even when they are marginally involved. McGee also has suggestions for reform. Interestingly, the entry point for his article is a matter that figured in the controversy over approval of a California stem cell agency grant to a subsidiary of the CHA Health Systems of South Korea.

Yolo Stem Cell Land Deal – Land developer Angelo Tsakopolous has shelved his land development deal that would have also established a stem cell research center in Northern California near UC Davis and Sacramento. Jeff Raimundo, a spokesman for Tsakopolous, told the California Stem Cell Report that the controversial proposal has been put off. California stem cell Chairman Robert Klein lobbied local government officials on behalf of the proposal, but they shied away from the effort. The concept of the plan was also supported by the International Stem Society for Stem Cell Research. Tsakopolous is a persistent man, however, and his proposal could well surface again in one form or another.

Stem Cell Lab Grants – On Oct. 2, the California stem cell agency will consider rules concerning administration of $222 million in grants for stem cell lab construction. The Facilities Working Group will take up the proposal prior to consideration by the CIRM Oversight Committee the next day.

NAS Stem Cell Meeting in California – Coming up Oct. 8-9 in Irvine, Ca., is a National Academy of Sciences conference called "Therapeutic Cloning: Where Do We Go From Here?" A host of top flight scientists are listed as speakers. The session will address such questions as sources of eggs and alternative methods of creating pluripotent cells.

Looking for Work? -- If you are interested in working across the street from the home field of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, CIRM is looking for a few good men and women. Jobs available at the agency include associate legal counsel, grants management specialist, paralegal and scientific officers.. Long hours are guaranteed. (CIRM headquarters is near the Giants field.) Sphere: Related Content

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