Thursday, April 03, 2008

CIRM Seeking Egg Donation Comments

The California stem cell agency has prepared a draft of guidelines for reducing risk in connection with the donation of human eggs for stem cell research and is seeking comments on them from the research community and others.

The draft can be found here. A related document concerning the history of the guidelines and their purpose can be found here.

In addition to general remarks, Geoff Lomax, senior officer for the CIRM Standards Working Group, is asking for comments on the following:
"The utility of the guidelines for reviewing studies proposing to obtain oocytes for research

"The consistency of the guidelines with current clinical protocols and standards of care

"General feasibility considerations with the draft guidelines."
The impact of these guidelines will go well beyond California, which is currently in the global forefront of setting standards for human embryonic stem cell research. Seeking comment at early stage and posting the information on its web site serves CIRM well, opening the door to all who are interested or who have something at stake. Sphere: Related Content

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  1. It is fascinating to watch the latest developments in the highly debated stem cell research. Innovative research and new technologies derived from such research is sure to raise ethical and policy concerns. It is better once clear cut guidelines are formulated to help out scientists who are fascinated by it, but find themselves caught in-between politics and religion.
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