Monday, May 11, 2009

CIRM Debate on Federal Issues Available at Many Locations Throughout California

Federal biotech legislation and proposed NIH rules on hESC research are the topics early Tuesday morning at a meeting of the board of the California stem cell agency that will be accessible at teleconference locations throughout California and on the Internet.

Interactivity will not be available for the Internet audiocast, but will be possible at multiple locations, including San Francisco (4), Los Angeles(2), Sacramento, La Jolla(3), Pleasanton, Berkeley, Elk Grove, Healdsburg, Hillsborouugh, Irvine(2), Stanford and Beverly Hills. Specific addresses where the public can attend can be found on the agenda.

CIRM said that the meeting can be heard on the Internet by using this URL:

No background material has been posted yet for the meeting, but you can read more about the issues here.

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