Friday, October 09, 2009

California Treasurer Says Stem Cell Agency to Receive $118.5 Million

The California State Treasurer's office this afternoon confirmed that the California stem cell agency will receive $118.5 million in fresh cash from the state's latest bond sale.

It was good news for CIRM, which faced the prospect of running out of money by the end of next year, and a change from what was expected earlier this week.

Tom Dresslar, spokesman for the treasurer, verified the figure in a phone interview. He also confirmed the accuracy of an Oct. 7 item, “No New Stem Cell Cash,” on the California Stem Cell Report, in which he was reported as saying that no additional funds were expected.

Dresslar said his comments were reported accurately at the time, but the treasurer's office subsequently decided to allocate the cash to CIRM.

For comments from CIRM on the results of the bond sale, see the “recent comments” column to the left of this item. Sphere: Related Content

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