Wednesday, October 28, 2009

City of Hope Wins Initial Appeal

Directors of the California stem cell agency this morning gave a positive nod to an attempt to win approval of an application from the City of Hope in the agency's disease team round.

The board approved, on a unanimous vote, a motion to move the application into the first tier of grants expected to be approved later today.

The grant was proposed by Karen Aboody of City of Hope in Duarte, Ca., to study development of treatments for brain tumors.

Aboody filed an extraordinary petition to overturn a negative decision by CIRM reviewers, who gave the application a score of 43 on a scale of 100.

CIRM Vice Chairman Duane Roth said he would support the grant because information in the review was incorrect. Another director concurred with Roth's comments.

The size of the grant was not immediately available.

(Editor's note: The vote tally is based on votes that were audible on the board Web audiocast. The ultimate figure may vary slightly.) Sphere: Related Content

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