Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hurricane Rick Plays Hob with Stem Cell Report

A 180-mile-an-hour hurricane in the Pacific Ocean means that we will be focused this week on preparations for the storm and not on items for the California Stem Cell Report.

We are currently in a Mazatlan marina on our sailboat, Hopalong, on which we have lived for the last 11 years. Hurricane Rick is expected to hit the mainland of Mexico Wednesday or Thursday at hurricane force, but down from its current velocity to only 100 miles an hour or so.

Current predictions say the landfall will be north of us, maybe a couple of hundred miles, but the reliability of the forecasts is considerably less than 100 percent.

So we will be stripping the topsides of the boat, removing sails, adding dock lines, putting in supplies, arranging for alternative housing ashore and so forth today, Monday and Tuesday. If all goes well, we may have some fresh CIRM stuff next weekend.

Here is a link to Hurricane Rick's track as of this writing. Mazatlan is located on the mainland due east of the tip of Baja. Sphere: Related Content

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