Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looking at CIRM Grant Appeals Issues

Here are links to documents relating to the California stem cell agency and complaints about fairness in its grant review process.

Text of CIRM policy on appeals via "extraordinary petition."

An October 2008 examination of transparency and conflict of interest issues

Consumer Watchdog Identifies Businesses Rejected for CIRM Grants

First ever successful conflict appeal, December 2008

CIRM's August 2008 proposal for a reconsideration procedure

of August 2008 CIRM Meeting

Proposal by CIRM Director Jeff Sheehy on grant appeals, July 2008.

First mainstream media article ( July 2008) about complaints about fairness in CIRM grant-making

Cascade LifeSciences Seeks Reconsideration

Text of Cascade's Reconsideration Letter

CIRM Response to Cascade

of June 2008 CIRM Meeting Involving Cascade

Transcript of the January 2008 CIRM directors meeting, which heard the first public appeal of a scientific review. Search on the term "luben," which is the misspelling of the name of Bertram Lubin, president of Childrens Hospital Oakland Research Institute, who appeared before the directors seeking reconsideration.

Nature magazine article April 30, 2008, in which Lubin comments on CIRM

California Stem Cell Report account of part of the January meeting involving the Lubin appeal. Sphere: Related Content

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