Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rick Smacks Mazatlan, Blogger Escapes Damage

It is a fine, warm, sunny afternoon here in Mazatlan. Tropical Storm Rick inflicted nary a scratch on Hopalong or its crew, but others were not as fortunate.

The newspaper Noroeste reports that 20,000 are without power. Some may be without water. No water is available at our marina, but we have plenty in our tanks on Hopalong.

The eye of Rick passed over us at about 8 a.m. MDT after a windy, rainy, rolly night. Then the wind kicked up again with gusts as high as 55 miles an hour in our marina, which is sheltered. One boat at a nearby marina reported gusts to more than 70. Rick dissipated rapidly as he moved inland, but continues to bring rain to communities in the mountains to our east.

Some medium-sized branches, palm fronds and coconuts are on the ground here. An unmanned, 60-foot, ferro-cement sailboat, Griffin, broke loose at a nearby marina when bolts on a dock cleat failed. Fortunately it came to rest on a piling before careening into other boats. Sailors on other vessels then lassoed Griffin, so to speak, and secured it once again.

Surf flooded the oceanfront floors of a condo nearby and a plate glass window blew out. Facing fell off an upper story of another recently built condo and the ceilings started to come down. Sheets of corrugated metal lay in the streets along with large pieces of roofing tile. One dinghy was reported flying through the air at the peak of the storm while it was tethered to a sailboat. Another small powerboat sunk at a dock.

Hopalong fared just fine. No damage or leaks that we know of. Now the task of drying out lines, repacking, etc., begins. Temperatures will start to climb tomorrow. All is well. We think. Sphere: Related Content

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  1. Glad you're okay! Fury of the sea is beyond comprehension. Best to Hopalong! Don Reed