Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CIRM on Snyder Grant

Here is additional information from Don Gibbons, chief communications officer from CIRM, on the Evan Snyder grant.

“The budget for the California researcher included a research subcontract to
a US organization outside California.  CIRM followed standard practice for
this funding round, performing a detailed budget review of each proposal
approved by the Board.  When it became clear that this proposal included a
subcontract that CIRM could not fund, CIRM asked the PI if the proposal
could be revised to meet CIRM funding requirements.  The PI proposed an
alternative that would move that work into California. Dr. Trounson and the
science office, with additional input from an expert in Parkinson¹s
Disease, concluded that the alternative approach would be a scientifically
acceptable alternative that would meet the objectives of the original proposal.

“Because the alternative approach has an increased cost, ICOC approval is
needed for the project to proceed. “ Sphere: Related Content

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