Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Correction and More Details on Snyder Grant

The California stem cell agency says the out-of-state work planned by Evan Snyder of the Sanford/Burnham Institute in his $3.6 million grant was scheduled for another party elsewhere in the United States – not Australia.

We reported incorrectly yesterday that the matter involved work in Victoria. CIRM posted documents about the matter for its board of directors meeting tomorrow, but did not name Snyder or the other collaborator. The only collaborators we could find in publicly available documents were located in Australia.

CIRM explicitly bans the use of its funds for work out of state. Applications for grants carry a clear notice to that effect.

Directors are now being asked to increase Snyder's grant to $5.4 million to pay for the increased costs of moving the work to California. The grant was originally approved by directors last April.

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