Monday, March 22, 2010

Trounson's Criteria for New CIRM Chairman

CIRM President Alan Trounson has offered in writing his thoughts on the qualities that should be reflected in a person who may succeed Robert Klein as chairman of the $3 billion stem cell research effort next December.

Trounson's statement was posted Saturday on the agenda for the meeting of the Evaluation Subcommittee of the CIRM directors the day after the meeting was held.

One item on the agenda called for consideration of a succession plan for the replacement of Klein, who has said he will step down in at the end of the year.

Here are the “critical qualities” that Trounson identified for the new chairman.
  • “Committed to CIRM’s mission
  • “Able to work with persons of disparate viewpoints to move mission forward
  • “Scientific training or a good understanding of the financial issues embedded in research and clinical application
  • “A deep understanding of the drug development pipeline and the challenges facing cellular therapeutics
  • “Knowledge of strategic financing and healthcare economics"
Trounson identified “unquestionable integrity” as a “desired” quality.

More on the succession planning will have to wait until CIRM posts the transcript from the meeting, which will be a couple of weeks, or until it decides to make a public statement about the outcome of last week's meeting. Sphere: Related Content

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