Thursday, October 21, 2010

$80 Million to Be Given Way Later Today

LOS ANGELES – The board of the California stem cell agency begins its meeting this morning with consideration of requests for $80 million for translational research high on its agenda, including four appeals by scientists rejected by reviewers.

Also on today's agenda is a proposal for modification of the grant appeal process. It would provide a formal way for the CIRM board to send a grant back for re-examination by reviewers.

The board met Wednesday night mostly in a closed-door session dealing with the evaluation of CIRM President Alan Trounson.

The board briefly discussed projections for spending through the current decade but arrived at no firm conclusions. Director Michael Goldberg, a venture capitalist, said the agency needed to settle on a fixed projection. He said it could be modified but that CIRM should not be caught up in “scenario du jour” plans for strategic spending.

The meeting can be heard on an Internet audiocast and at a teleconference location in Pleasanton. Directions for both can be found on the agenda.
We will have more coverage of the meeting later today.

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