Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Candidates Sought for Board of California Stem Cell Agency

Want to join a small brigade of public servants working on the cutting edge of science and public policy? Looking to take part in giving away $2 billion? Here's your chance.

California's top fiscal officer, Controller John Chiang, is seeking nominations for five openings on the 29-member board of directors for the $3 billion California stem cell, which has already awarded $1 billion to a total of more than 300 recipients.

You can nominate yourself or others. But there are some legal requirements. For example, nominees for chairman of the CIRM board should have “a demonstrated history in successful stem cell research advocacy” and “experience with state and federal legislative processes that must include some experience with medical legislative approvals or standards and/or funding.”

In addition to nominating candidates for chairman and vice chairman of CIRM, Chiang is looking for candidates for three other slots on the board. The positions, which have six-year terms, also have special requirements. One, for example, must come from a California life science business. Prop. 71 did not provide for a general representative from the public.

Chiang's Web site also said,
“The controller has been a leader in promoting public and private sector board diversity and is interested in finding qualified nominees and appointments who reflect the diversity of California.”
The jobs are important, require a fair amount of work and do not pay well, except for the chairman and vice chairman positions, which also involve a great deal more work than regular board positions. The chairman and vice chairman positions carry salaries. The others do not, only a modest per diem.

Other statewide officials, including the governor, lieutenant governor and state treasurer, make nominations for positions on the CIRM board. So interested parties have more than one shot. However, none of the other officials has posted a public appeal on their Web sites. We are sure, however, they are open to suggestions from the public.

The deadline for submitting nominations to Chiang is Oct. 15. Successful applicants could begin work in December.

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