Sunday, December 05, 2010

CIRM Director Prieto Comments on Transparency

A Web site devoted to “Californians' rights to find out what's going on” last week quoted a big chunk of a piece from the California Stem Cell Report.

The item on CalAware Today by Anne Lowe was headlined, “Transparency Lacking in State's Stem Cell Agency.” It cited the our item “Public and Industry Left in the Dark by California Stem Cell Agency.”

We also received a comment on the situation via email from Francisco Prieto, a CIRM board member and Sacramento physician.

Prieto said,
“I don't think the failure to produce documentation and information well in advance of meetings is in any way malicious or deceptive, but rather reflects the fact that we put what may be excessive demands on some of our limited staff at CIRM. This has been a concern of many board members as well - that we receive supporting materials with too little time to review them in depth before a meeting. Both our internal and external communications could be improved, but it isn't due to unwillingness to communicate or ill will. I'm hoping the liberalization of our staff limits under the Alquist bill will help, but we know that our communication with the public is an area we have to take a serious look at.”

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