Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CIRM Directors Convene Behind Closed Doors to Consider Election of Chairman

Directors of the California stem cell agency met briefly this afternoon in public but immediately went into a closed-door executive session to consider the election of a new chairman for the agency.

Chairman Robert Klein, who is seeking re-election, said the directors had a “very limited” time to consider the matter because some would have to leave soon. That would mean that the panel could lose its quorum and its ability to act legally.

Based on the Internet audiocast of the meeting, it was impossible to determine how many of the 29 members of the board answered the roll call. But the executive director of the board, Melissa King, reported a “healthy quorum.”

Among those responding as present was Sherry Lansing, who had previously reported in her letter endorsing Klein that she would be unable to attend. Lansing is former Hollywood studio executive and chair of the CIRM Governance Committee, which deals with such matters as election of the chair.

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