Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Stem Cell Agency Board Still in Closed Session

Directors of the $3 billion California stem cell agency are still meeting in closed session following a statement by its Chairman Robert Klein defending his actions in connection with an attempt to hand pick his successor.

The board went to lunch and into an executive session about two hours ago shortly after Klein orally laid out his view of what transpired in connection with the nomination of Alan Bernstein to succeed Klein. Klein did not ask for questions from the board.

We have queried the board's outside attorney, James Harrison of Remcho Johansen and Purcell of San Leandro, Ca., whether the subject of the election of a new chair is part of the executive session discussions.

Prop. 71 does not specifically provide for closed door meetings in the selection of a chair.  About the election process, it simply says,

"A chairperson and vice chairperson who shall be elected by the ICOC members. Within 40 days of the effective date of this act, each constitutional officer shall nominate a candidate for chairperson and another candidate for vice chairperson."
However, the chair and vice chair are CIRM employees by law and are entitled to salaries. Personnel matters may be considered in executive session, under state law. Most actions involving votes of the full board must occur in public.

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