Thursday, October 20, 2011

More on CIRM's Restriction of Info on Biotech Applicants

The California stem cell agency says its brief statement this week on restriction of information involving biotech companies was generated in an effort to offer a public explanation of its policy.

In response to a query about what led to the statement, Maria Bonneville, executive director of the CIRM board, said,
"In light of CIRM's efforts to work with companies to develop new therapies, we felt it was important to offer a public explanation regarding CIRM's efforts to balance its obligation to provide information to the public with the need to protect the proprietary information of applicants for therapy development projects."
The California Stem Cell Report will have more on this subject in the next week, including a discussion of how it relates to the state's constitution, which states that the public has as "broadly construed" right to information about state government activities. Sphere: Related Content

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