Friday, October 28, 2011

Deadline Next Week for Comments on IOM Panelists Examining California Stem Cell Agency

If you have any comments on or objections to the members of the Institute of Medicine panel examining the $3 billion California stem cell agency, only six days remain to file them with the IOM.

The panel has just begun its review of CIRM's performance, which is being paid for by the agency itself in a $700.000 contract. The study is expected to be completed in November of next year and is expected contain recommendations for changes at CIRM.

In a posting on its web site, the IOM said,
"No appointment shall be considered final until we have evaluated relevant information bearing on the committee's composition and balance. This information will include the confidential written disclosures to The National Academies by each member-designate concerning potential sources of bias and conflict of interest pertaining to his or her service on the committee; information from discussion of the committee's composition and balance that is conducted in closed session at its first meeting and again whenever its membership changes; and any public comments that we have received on the membership during the 20-calendar day formal public comment period."
The procedure for filing comments on the members of the panel can be found at the bottom of the page found here.

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