Monday, August 19, 2013

California Stem Cell Researchers to Receive $70 Million Next Week

The California stem cell agency is scheduled to give away $70 million next week as it moves forward on its efforts to turn research into cures.

As many as 20 grants and loans are projected to be awarded in the early translation round. The awards will range up to $3.5 million over a three year period.  The round was open to both businesses and academic institutions. Collaborators from Germany were involved, although funding for research in that country is not provided by the state stem cell agency.

The applications will come before the $3 billion agency's governing board at its Aug. 28 meeting in La Jolla. After next week's awards, the agency, which is known as CIRM,  will have about $500 million left to hand out before cash for new awards runs out in 2017. The agency is currently examining ways to continue its awards with some sort of public-private partnership.

Also on the board's agenda is a proposed announcement for a CIRM/industry co-funding agreement. No further details on that program were available early today on the agenda. Other matters to be considered include final approval of the changes in the agency's IP regulations, appointment of new members to the grant review group and the latest report on the outside contracts held by the agency. Details on those matters are yet to be posted by the agency.

A tribute to the late Duane Roth, co-vice chairman of the agency, is also scheduled. The board will additionally meet behind closed doors to evaluate the performance of CIRM President Alan Trounson.

The California Stem Cell Report will carry more information on the meeting as it becomes available.

In addition to the La Jolla location for the meeting, other locations where the public can take part in the meeting are in Menlo Park and Duarte. Specific addresses can be found on the agenda.
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