Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UCLA Takes Four of 13 Awards Today; One Business Wins

The California stem cell agency has made it official, sending out its press release on the $41 million in grants approved today for institutions throughout the state. 

Most of the 13 awards, as usual, went to organizations represented on the governing board of the agency. Individual board members, however, are barred from voting on specific grants to their organizations. 

UCLA topped the list with four grants. No other institution received more than one, including only one business, Numerate, Inc., of San Bruno, via John Griffin, the firm's chief scientific officer. The lack of awards to businesses has long been a sore subject in the biotech community.  

The only news story so far was written by Bradley Fikes of the San Diego U-T, which circulates in an area that is a hotbed of biotech research. Institutions there snagged $12.6 million in four grants. Fikes also identified one of the five researchers who lost their appeals on negative grant review decisions. He is Evan Snyder, leader of stem cell research at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in La Jolla, who had a $5 million request before the agency.

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