Sunday, October 27, 2013

California Stem Cell Agency Seeks New, Top Finance/Governance Aide

The $3 billion California stem cell agency is looking for a new, high-level staff member to play a key role in developing a plan for its future beyond 2017.

The posting for the position came last week, less than two months before a possible “strategic roadmap” for the agency is scheduled to be unveiled. CIRM, as the agency is known, will run out of cash for new grants in 2017.

The new hire will assist in “meeting the financing and sustainability goals” of the agency and will be a key aide to CIRM Chairman Jonathan Thomas, a Los Angeles bond financier. The job title -- – “deputy to chair for public finance and governance” – includes language new to CIRM i.e. “for public finance and governance.”

Salary for the position could run as high as $216,279, depending on the qualifications of the person.

CIRM is looking for someone with an MBA or other finance-related, advanced degree. The person should be knowledgeable not only about California government but have experience with biomedical research funding, grant-making and financial forecasting, among other things.

The previous deputy to the chair was Lynn Harwell, who left, the agency said, when her husband took at job at Harvard. Her formal title was “deputy to the chair, finance, policy and outreach.” The change in nomenclature obviously indicates a change in the focus of the job.

(Editor's note: The final paragraph of this item was added a day after the original item was posted.)

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