Thursday, October 17, 2013

Semi-finalists Emerge for Stem Cell Person of the Year

The balloting for semi-finalists for the Stem Cell Person of the Year is now complete, and two persons tied to the California stem cell agency are among them.

Twelve persons in all made the cut with scientist Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology receiving the most votes. Jeff Sheehy, a member of the governing board of the stem cell agency and an AIDS activist, and Pat Olson, executive scientific director of the agency, are also among the semi-finalists.

Now, however, it is not a matter of who receives the most support. Only one vote counts. And that belongs to Paul Knoepfler, the UC Davis stem cell researcher who originated the Person of the Year award last year. He runs it and personally awards the winner $1,000.

Knoepfler said he expects to announce the winner in a week or so. The names of all those being considered can be found on in this item on Knoepfler's blog,

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